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PD 667 Profibus wiring:



The PD 667 is mounted in a BM 002 base module.


Profibus cable is connected to A,B and S.


When standard Profibus cable used, the Green wire should be connected to "A" and the red wire to "B". Shield is connected to cabinet housing and to "S". 




 The PD 667 offers a standard Profibus RS485 interface, except for the 5 Volt supply for the termination circuit. 


As the PD 667 does not offer a 5 Volt supply for the termination, it cannot be used as a termination station on the network.

If the PD 667 is mounted as the last station on a network, an external Profibus termination unit must be used.

If the PD 667 is not mounted at the end of the network, the last slave at each end of the cable may be used for termination.