PD 3000/4000/5000-Series



PD 5000 P-NET Controller

PD 5010 P-NET Controller with Display

PD 5020 VGA Video Controller

PD 5090/512KB RAM extension Board

PD 5090D/2MB RAM extension Board

PD 4000-RS P-NET Controller

PD 4000/3230 Pattern approved Non-automatic Weighing System


Interface Modules

PD 3120 Digital I/O Interface

PD 3221 Universal Process Interface, UPI

PD 3230 Weight Transmitter

PD 3235 Weight Transmitter

PD 3240 Analog Interface Module

PD 3250 Analog Interface Module

PD 3260 Power Monitor

PD 3920 PC P-NET Interface Card

PD 3930 PC P-NET parallel Interface Module

PD 3940 P-NET to RS232 Interface


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