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Products Providing a Free VIGO Licence


The following hardware devices include a free VIGO licence.


PC P-NET Interfaces (old licence system):

PD 3920 PC P-NET Interface card

PD 3930 PC P-NET Interface module


These two PC P-NET Interfaces automatically provide a VIGO licence after correct installation. If a licence for Visual VIGO is required, the licence can either be related to the PC or to the PD 3930 Interface module. If licences are related to the PD 3930 interface module the module will act like a licence dongle (recommended).


Licence servers (new licence system):

PD 600 DPI with RS 485 P-NET Interface

PD 601 DPI with RS232 Interface

PD 602 DPI with Ethernet LAN Interface


PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface

For VIGO 5.7 onwards, facilities have now been provided within all DPI types (using OS 1.16 or higher) and the PD 3950, to act as Licence Servers. The PD 60x DPI’s and the PD 3950 USB To P-NET interface include a Licence Channel. A licence channel can hold licences for applications such as VIGO or Visual VIGO. It can hold licences for up to 5 different applications, and can handle a total of 25 users. For example, a licence channel can hold a 10-user licence for VIGO and a 15-user licence for Visual VIGO, or 5-user licences for 5 different applications.


PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interfaces and PD 600 DPIs are delivered from factory with a single user VIGO licence. Additional licences are delivered to the purchaser’s Licence Bank account.


The On-Line-Licence Bank system is used to generate licence codes for VIGO and Visual VIGO and licence information can be transferred from the clipboard to the licence channel in the licence server by the use of the Channel Configuration utility. The selection of the licence server is achieved by selecting the menu Files\Licence Server in VIGO, followed by selection of the licence server in the list: “Get VIGO licence from”. Press the MIB button and select the DPI or PD 3950 licence server.