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PD 602x DPI with Ethernet LAN Interface

Specific Features

A PD 602 DPI is used to provide programmable intelligence for the local cluster via Light-Link P-NET, and to provide an interface with local area networks (LAN) using the Ethernet electrical standard (10 Mb/s). The BM 016 Base module is recommended for this device.


Communication interfaces

The PD 602 DPI has 2 standard P-NET Communication Channels.


Channel 1 is a P-NET Ethernet communication channel for connecting the DPI to a LAN.


Channel 2 is a P-NET Light-Link communication channel intended for communicating with other locally mounted P-NET devices using the optical Light-Link interface.


See General Distributed Process Intelligence information for a general description of the DPI family.



The PD 602 DPI is programmed in Process-Pascal, which is an extension of standard Pascal, allowing easy declaration and utilisation of P-NET variables and objects. Programs are developed and compiled on a standard PC, then downloaded directly via a P-NET interface. Program code can be downloaded to FLASH memory.


The PD 602 DPI devices have the channels shown in the following table.


Channel No.

Channel name

Channel description



Service channel



Comm. channel, Ethernet, P-NET mode



Comm. channel, Light-Link, P-NET mode or Data mode



Channel for holding application licences (available in DPIs with operating system version 1.15 or higher)



Program channel for operating system



Program channel for Process-Pascal


See Overview, variables outside channels.



The PD 602 DPI is available with 4 different memory versions: Small, Medium, Medium+ and Large. The amount and type of memory for each version is shown in the table.



RAM *)

Program FLASH


PD 602 S

64 Kbytes

64 Kbytes

128 Kbytes

PD 602 M

464 Kbytes

512 Kbytes

1024 Kbytes

PD 602 M+

976 Kbytes

512 Kbytes

1024 Kbytes

PD 602 L

464 Kbytes

1024 Kbytes

2048 Kbytes

*) 2 Kbytes of RAM reserved for system variables.


Memory details, Backup battery, LED indicators and real time Clock


PD 602 Block Schematic

The following figure provides a block diagram showing the internal structure of a PD 602 DPI




Electrical Specifications


Mechanical Details


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