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Data Acquisition Software for DPIs

In order to set up a Data Acquisition system that doesn’t rely on Visual VIGO running, or a PC having to be constantly powered, there needs to be a means to continually collect and log data from a remote source.  One such device that can perform this task is a PD 60xL DPI (Distributed Process Interface) from the PD 600 series of P-NET modules. These are user programmable devices that can be accessed via standard P-NET, Light-Link, RS 232 or Ethernet.



DataCollect Channels

Such a device needs to be programmed to create a number of individually configurable DataCollect Channels, each capable of being linked to a particular process variable located anywhere within the P-NET system. The Remote Data Acquisition component in Visual VIGO can be used to configure an individual DataCollect channel to log data from a specific variable, but the Data Collect Configuration Program can be used to configure and monitor many channels at the same time. When Visual VIGO is running, any new data collected by the DPI is automatically uploaded to the PC hard disc, which then enables the display of charts, curves and data tables to be displayed for that process variable.  This data is then also available to other applications such as Excel, Access, SQL, by means of OLE2 Automation.



Free Software

PROCES-DATA offers the DPI software to perform the complete Data Acquisition process FREE OF CHARGE. This can be downloaded from the PROCES-DATA web site. It makes available up to 100 DataCollect channels, which, depending on the number of channels used and the configured frequency of log samples, enables many days, weeks or even months of unattended data to be stored. Once Visual VIGO is launched, any new data that has not already been stored on the PC will be automatically extracted from the DPI and saved on the PC hard disc. As long as Visual VIGO is run at least once before the newest unsaved data held on the DPI starts to overwrite the oldest unsaved data, then all stored logged data on the PC will always be complete.





Flexible Logging Method

Data Collect channels provide a wide collection of logging options ranging from the simple regular sample rate, through conditional logging based on change of value and/or the state of another variable, to memory saving processed logging to provide ‘best fit’ curve data.


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