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Overview, Wiring Diagrams


Each electronics/base module combination has its own wiring diagram. The wiring diagrams for each electronic module can be found via the list below.


PD 600 DPI with RS485 P-NET Interface

PD 601 DPI with RS232 Interface

PD 602 with Ethernet LAN Interface

PD 620 4-ch. Digital I/O

PD 621 6-ch. Digital I/O

PD 622 6-ch. Digital Input

PD 626 Stepper Motor Controller and Driver

PD 640 4-ch. Analogue I/O

PD 641 3-ch. Analogue Input (Pt-100/Pt-1000)

PD 642 4-ch. Analogue Input (Voltage/Thermocouple)

PD 643 3-Channel Analogue Input (0-100 mV / Temperature)

PD 660 Simple P-NET Interface

PD 661 Simple P-NET Interface

PD 662 P-NET Redundancy Interface

PD 663 Simple P-NET Interface Triple

PD 664 P-NET GPRS Interface

PD 681 Operator Interface

PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface


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