PD 600 Series General information

Introduction to the PD 600 Series

New Features in the PD 600 Series

Mounting Modules and Forming Clusters

PD 600 Series Application Notes


Programmable Controllers

PD 600 DPI with RS 485 P-NET Interface

PD 601 DPI with RS232 Interface

PD 602 DPI with Ethernet LAN Interface

DPI General Information


Digital I/O and Motor Controllers

PD 620 4-Channel Digital I/O

PD 621 6 Channel Digital I/O

PD 622 6 Channel Digital Input

PD 626 Stepper Motor Controller and Driver


Analogue I/O

PD 640 4-Channel Analogue I/O (0/4-20 mA)

PD 641 3-Channel Analogue Input (Pt100/Pt1000)

PD 642 4-Channel Analogue Input (mV / Thermocouple)

PD 643 3-Channel Analogue Input (0-100 mV / Temperature)

PD 620 4-channel I/O (0-15 V)


Communication Devices

PD 660 Simple P-NET Interface, RS485 P-NET

PD 661 Simple P-NET Interface, RS485 and 4-wire P-NET

PD 662 P-NET Redundancy Interface

PD 663 Simple P-NET Interface Triple Speed

PD 664 P-NET GPRS Interface

PD 667 Profibus DP-V0 Essential Features Master

PD 3950 USB to P-NET Interface

PD 990 4-wire P-NET Conditioner


Operator Interface

PD 681 Operator Interface


Base Modules




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